About Me

I am from Devon but now live in East Sussex with my beautiful wife Michelle and our fantastic children, Archie (4) and Coral (3).

I joined the Army in 2000 and have served in the Household Cavalry for 14 years.

In June 2006 I went on my first tour of Afghanistan.

Proud to have served, RIP to the guys that didn't make it home.

On 1st August the Patrol of small tanks I was in was ambushed. My vehicle was blown up by an improvised explosive device, which killed the remaining 3 crew.

I was shot at with rocket propelled grenades which blew the engine up and engulfed me in flames.

I managed to crawl out, on fire and as I put myself out I was shot twice.

I have undergone in the region of 500 hours of operations and years of rehabilitation, and my life is now getting back on track.

In 2010 my life changed as I was introduced to KartForce and discovered a new talent.

After being at such a low point in my life for such a long time, having something new and exhilarating to focus on gave me a massive new lease on life. I was “Alive to Drive”!

Two years later 4 of us set a world record for the furthest driven in 24hrs in a kart with hand controls. We started competing at higher and higher levels, and since then have taken part in several 24hr races, including the Le Mans 24hr, British 24hr and Daytona 24hr.

It was a proud moment when I was appointed the first KartForce Ambassador.

Team endurance racing has shown me that I can excel at something new. I’m highly competitive and enormously driven, and these levels of determination combined with my driving skills has meant that I’ve become a competent, reliable and consistent racing driver.

In 2015 I was selected to be 1 of 4 founding members of Team BRIT, a new division of KartForce aimed at team endurance car racing.

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