We're enormously proud to have the support of Chris Martin and Coldplay.

Chris read an article about myself and gave me a call.

I've taken a few knocks in my life. I've been blown up, shot and died three times. I've experience pain and heartache that in my darkest hours I never thought I'd ever recover from. But I always got back up. I am who am I today because of what I've experienced.

This is the message I want to get across to the hundreds of thousands of my fellow injured troops who are battling with their own demons.

Just as I have done, you can re-build your life.

Soon you'll look back on this chapter in your life and understand why you are who you are. I'm proof you can fight back.

And now I'm so thrilled that Coldplay have decided to get behind us and support us.

Knowing we have their backing has been a massive inspiration to me.

I'm more determined than ever for Mark Allen and myself to become the first team of disabled servicemen to compete in the Le Mans 24hr, as we want inspire and show others that they can do the same.
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