Happy to announce I have joined back with Team BRIT

Happy to announce I have joined back with Team BRIT

After having some time out away from the team and mainly concentrating on numerous operations, I am pleased to announce I have signed for Team Brit.

Team BRIT competed in the Fun Cup championship last year - the first stage of its motorsport journey towards Le Mans and will take part in the championship again this year. The team has now revealed its new GT4 car, in which they will be racing in within the UK and overseas.

I am very much looking forward to what the future holds. It is great to see how the team has developed and progressed.

They have developed the world's most advanced hand control technology to allow all drivers to compete on equal terms with able-bodied competitors. These controls are specially adapted for each driver, allowing drivers with varying disabilities.

The team aim to:

- Normalise disability.
- Rebuild confidence through competition and teamwork.
- Provide an opportunity for professional development within motorsport as a whole, by teaching drivers the business of sponsorship, revenue generation and vocational training.
- Enhance recovery and rehabilitation through intense and testing environments and through the adaptation of disability to different environments.
- Inspire members of the disabled community through the demonstration of what can be achieved in the face of adversity.

The teams project will show military veterans, disabled people and the world, That you can achieve goals you never thought were capable of achieving.

2018 is looking interesting, keep an eye on my social media for updates.
For details about the team visit www.TeamBRIT.co.uk
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