Operation Ride In New Zealand

In 2006 my life changed, I was blown up in a taliban ambush resulting in 75% burns and on getting to cover was also shot twice.

My recovering has been over a number of years and its charities like the Pilgrim bandits that help me and many others push boundaries.

The Pilgrim Bandits Charity was established by a small group of Special Forces veterans in 2007 with the sole aim of using their unique training and experience to help and inspire injured personnel to live life to the full.

This November I will be taking part in Operation R.I.D.E. Working with the New Zealand military, the Pilgrim Bandits will stage an adapted tandem bike race. The challenge will take place from the southern tip of New Zealand Motupohue Scenic Reserve to Cape Reinga (northern New Zealand)

The ride will be a total of 1,521 miles or 2,500 km, covering around 100 miles a day and take 21 days. Those racing will be injured servicemen from 3 countries: The UK, Canada and New Zealand.

The injured personnel will be on the front of specially adapted tandem hand-cycles and will be supported by able bodied/injured race team members on the rear of the tandems. The injured participants range from double leg amputees to single leg/arm amputees. Each team will consist of 5 (4 injured and 1 able bodied/injured).

I am hoping to raise a significant amount for this fantastic charity, any support will be greatly appreciated and make a real difference to the lives of other injured servicemen & women. 

Please help me reach my target and DONATE HERE